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Thursday, July 2, 2009

What DoShopping Cart - Your Website Visitors Look For In A Shopping Cart

shopping cart - Your visitors examine every aspect of their shopping experience while on your website. They are generally looking for information, an ease of order entry and the ability to change their mind about items in the shopping cart. Your shopping cart will be scrutinized by your website visitor. Your shopping cart will need to include several features that visitors will be looking for.

One feature that visitors look for in a shopping cart is a returns policy. Visitors want to be assured that if they encounter a problem with their purchase that you will be assist them in making it right. They want to know that a return is possible and what it will entail. The return policy should be prominent on your site so that visitors can purchase with confidence from you.

Visitors also want to know how to find the contents of their "basket" or cart. Normally they will look at the top of the page for a link to the cart or basket. If a website owner fails to provide a link to the shopping cart or move the link to the shopping cart it can confuse buyers and may lead to an incomplete purchase and loss of sales.

Customers love to be able to search for products they are looking for. They can't put a product into the shopping cart if they can't locate it on your website. Your should have a search function on every page of your website. You do not want to lose a sale because the customer can't find where you have a product.

Your website and your shopping cart should be easy to navigate and easy to use. The ecommerce world is a very competitive place and in order to compete you need to have a shopping cart solution that addresses all the needs of your website visitors.

Your website visitors also look for the ability to add, delete, and change the items in the cart. They also want to be able to change their mind about how many they want and to be able to update the shopping cart. Visitors want to be able to view the cart as they browse your site so that they can remember what they have put into the cart as they shop. The shopping cart should be easy to use, easy to see and accommodate all the needs of your website visitors including various currencies, and various shipping options and payment options. Not every visitor has the same preferences in payment and shipping or uses the same currencies so website owners need to be flexible and able to accommodate every need of all their visitors as much as possible. - shopping cart

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